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True Potential Coaching

True Potential Coaching is managed and run by Vanessa Haynes. Vanessa has 15 years experience as a Learning and Development professional supporting businesses and professionals in the public and private sector improve their organisational performance.

Vanessa is a qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor who assists those in Management and Leadership roles identify and achieve their individual and business goals.

Vanessa also coaches those with career concerns, by encouraging them to find their own way forward through the identification of strengths, aspirations and career options resulting in a realistic action plan.


Working Together for Success

Whether it’s transitioning into a new Leadership or Management role, managing change and its impact, or considering what next steps to take in your career, True Potential Coaching can help you gain wider insight into the issues, options and actions you wish to take to make it happen.

For those who are committed to their development, looking for stretch and challenge in their lives, Vanessa creates a safe environment whereby people explore their own way forward to what they see as a successful outcome.

Action planning which is critically reviewed forms a fundamental part of the process to ensure things are on track and momentum is maintained.


Client Testimonials

have found coaching a life transforming experience. I have said goodbye to unwarranted thoughts and behaviours and now enjoy the challenge of seeking healthier working relationships and fulfilling my full potential. Julie, RBC.

Vanessa coached me when I was having a difficult time with a member of staff. She helped me think through the impact of my communication style and explore how to deal with my emotions and express myself differently. Grace, PHSO.

Vanessa's calm and collected professionalism and challenging questions totally revitalised my approach to life and my career. Peter @ RW.

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